Kandahar Hijack | IC-814 के उन आठ दिनों का आंखों देखा हाल.

  • 2023
  • 01:04:00

1999 में हुए Kandahar Hijack जो भारतीय Indian Airline की flight IC-814 में सवार थे, उत्तराखंड की रहने वाली डॉक्टर अनिता जोशी भी उनमें से एक थीं. बारामासा के विशेष कार्यक्रम में जानिए उस पूरी घटना की आपबीती.

Indian Airlines Flight 814, commonly known as IC 814, was an Indian Airlines Airbus A300 en route from Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu, Nepal, to Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi, India, on Friday, 24 December 1999, when it was hijacked and flown to several locations before landing in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

The aircraft was piloted by 37-year-old Captain Devi Sharan and first officer Rajinder Kumar, with 58-year-old flight engineer Anil Kumar Jaggia. The Airbus was hijacked by five masked Pakistani militants of the Harkat-ul-Mujahideen (HuM) shortly after it entered Indian airspace at about 17:30 IST.

The hijackers ordered the aircraft to be flown to a series of locations: Amritsar, Lahore, and across the Persian Gulf to Dubai. The hijackers finally forced the aircraft to land in Kandahar, Afghanistan, which at the time was controlled by the Taliban. The hijackers released 27 of 176 passengers in Dubai but fatally stabbed one (Rupin Katyal) and wounded several others

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